Team member:

Rosie Ryan


Provisionally Registered Psychologist 


Perth, Western Australia and online


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

About me:

Hello, I’m Rosie. 

I’m in the final semester of a Master of Clinical Psychology program. That means I’ve nearly completed the six years of study and placements required to be a Clinical Psychologist Registrar.

It’s been a long, winding journey and I’m so pleased to find myself here! Alongside client work, I contribute to academic research on eco-anxiety and building resilience in the era of climate change.

I’m also a Registered Yoga Teacher with 5+ years’ teaching experience. Across these varied professional projects, the common thread is my interest in exploring how we can find meaning and connection in a turbulent world.

How do you start your day?

My ideal day starts with yoga, coffee, and a leisurely breakfast on the deck with my dog. Of course, not every morning pans out that way!

How do you have your coffee?

Long black or oat flat white.


  • General mental health;
  • Life stressors;
  • Body image / self-esteem;
  • Eco-anxiety.

i thrive in helping people who...

are interested in exploring their inner struggles and navigating their place in the world. I love working with both adults and adolescents.

What are your strengths as a therapist?

I aim to embody warmth, authenticity, and openness in my work as a therapist.

What is your general philosophy and approach to helping?

I prioritise forming a genuine therapeutic connection with every client. My approach is to gently hold space, while also drawing upon my training in evidence-based interventions.

favourite therapy tools

  • CBT
  • ACT
  • DBT
  • Mindfulness-based approaches
  • Polyvagal theory informed practices
  • Compassion-focused therapy
Rosie - With Descriptor.

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