Groups + Workshops

Let's Build Your Toolkit

Freedom Co. have group therapy + workshops to help your recovery journey. Our DBT Skills + Training Group allows you to build a toolkit to manage your emotions, develop resilience, improve communication and feel more present.

Our evidence-based approach to creating practical skills is ideal in conjunction with 1-on-1 sessions outside the group, such as in-person or telehealth therapy.

Upskill with our support

We are super keen to support clinicians looking to up-skill into the eating disorder space. If you’re keen to up-skill, then we’re keen to support you.

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Current opportunities

Join us in

Western Australia

Applications are open across the country.

 Join us weekly from Wednesday 14th 

of September- 11AM-12.30PM


How DBT Group Sessions Help You

    • Mindfulness
      We help you to be here, in the present moment without judgement. This allows you to be conscious of your feelings, thoughts and sensations. We create tools to overcome habitual, negative judgement about yourself and others.
    • Distress Tolerance
      We help you manage and contain painful feelings without escalating self-damaging behaviour. This allows you to survive emotional crises and build up your emotional resilience to deal with the ebb and flow of life.
    • Emotion Regulation
      We help you recognise and observe your emotions without letting them get the better of you. This reduces your vulnerability to dysregulation or overwhelm and gives you skills to change unwanted, unhelpful emotions.
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness
      Helps you gain the tools to express your feelings and needs, set limits, negotiate solutions to problems and protect your relationships. This also addresses ‘myths’ or problematic beliefs that get in the way of being assertive.
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