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Can’t meet us face-to-face?

We want to make recovery accessible for everyone.

That’s why Freedom Co. offers telehealth sessions. All our services are available on Zoom or over the phone. 

Temporary Medicare rebates for telehealth sessions are available. If you’re on a current care plan, you will be able to claim. 

Telehealth sessions suit you if:

Sessions available

Psychology & counseling
All psychological sessions are available through Zoom.
Joyful movement

Our exercise physiologists can work with you via Zoom.

Food & eating

Book a telehealth session with our dietitians and explore intuitive eating.

Support for carers

You can book a free 15-minute chat to organise your session.


Telehealth is an online or phone call health consultation. Telehealth sessions are increasingly common due to COVID-19. Sessions are usually run through video conferencing over Zoom. 

Yes. If you’re unable to attend a session face-to-face, we can organise a telehealth session.

The Australian Government now offers Medicare rebates for telehealth sessions. If you’re on a care plan (mental health care plan, eating disorder treatment plan or chronic disease management plan), you can claim. You will need to check with your private health fund regarding telehealth claims.

Get in touch with our friendly team and they will organise a telehealth session for you.