About Freedom Co

Where It Started

Our founder and Clinical Psychologist, Tania Coats, opened the doors to Freedom Co in 2021. With years of experience under her belt, Tania has a calling to help people feel safe and empowered in themselves.

Like the majority of her clients, Tania has lived experience with dieting, over-exercising, over-eating and an unhelpful relationship with her body and food. 

Tania and the team at Freedom Co are driven to share their skills and wisdom. We are on a mission to help people like you, who have grown up in a time where having issues with food, body-image and identity is the norm.

We often help people that struggle with disordered eating, body image and identity concerns. We also help anyone that wants help finding a way towards their most authentic self, one step at a time.

At Freedom Co., we’re working to break down stigmas around eating disorders, open up conversations and allow everyone to seek the help they need on their healing journey.

Our values

Our beliefs underpin how we communicate with our clients and each other. They’re behind every decision we make. Our values guide us.


We're empathetic.

We listen. We share. We feel. We’re in this together.


We're inclusive.

We welcome everyone. We believe every human is deserving of love.

Sei He Ki

We’re tailored.

We follow your lead. We create a tailored plan that feels right for you.

Shamans Hand

We're approachable.

We’re a friendly bunch. We’re welcoming and warm. You’ll feel comfortable here.